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The Arena Project



Long ago, the creators of the world created the world. And the people and such.

Years later, I forgot how many, a small kingdom chose to create a competition.

A competition of strength and valor. This competition called for the strongest

warriors and fighters in all of Arum to fight for honor, fame, and gold.

Six mercenaries from a long forgotten land strive to become the

champions. Their hopes to revive their lost kingdom with the fame

and gold of the prize is what drives them through to the top.

Fight your way through wave after wave of the lands fiercest creatures.

Talk with the competition and learn a thing or two from your foes.

Equip the best weapons money can buy, or fight for the ones of legend.

All in this quaint and short RPG made with RPG Maker VXAce.


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The Game Itself

The Arena Project Version 0.1 Demo  (220MB)
[NOTE: If you do not own RPG Maker VX Ace, download the one above.]

The Arena Project Version 0.1 Demo (No RTP) (34MB)
[NOTE: If you have RPG Maker VX Ace, download this file.]


  • 30 epic minutes of sheer fun gameplay
  • 6 playable unique characters
  • 10 strategic epic and stressful battles
  • unique and original non-player-characters
    all with something to say
  • balanced battles (rare in most RM games)
  • jazz


This project is in the early stage of development, somethings are not perfect nor final. I’d just love to get feedback from some of you on what I can do to make my game better. So for right now,  I’m releasing Version 0.1 with the first 30 minutes of gameplay. My goal of this game is to have 100 perfectly balanced battles that start off easy, but gradually get harder as the player becomes more familiar with the game and my style of battles. And in order to achieve that goal, I need people to play test my battles and provide feedback.

 The Title is also pending, but I kinda like it a little bit. So maybe the name will stick, I’m not sure.


Created by:



RPG Maker DS Resource Pack
Milano-Cat(?) (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Milano-Cat/3319/)


RMN Music Pack:
Jeremiah “McTricky” George
Snowy Fox
800 M.P.H


Casper Gaming (http://www.caspergaming.com/)
Victor Sant
Khas Arcthunder (arcthunder.site40.net)
Saba Kan

My new project, and my previous one

So ummm… About my previous project…

Well as you can see, I came out of my hiatus due to the final few weeks of the Crew season, and now that Stotesbury is over, I finally have my free time back. However, as you might have also noticed, I haven’t been updating A Pawn and a Knight at all, why? Because I trapped myself in this strange stage of learning and developing at the same time. I realized I hadn’t done enough pre-planning for APAAK as I should have and so I started doing planning as I was developing it, writing down my ideas and such. But the biggest problem came forth from that. I lost interest in actually working on my game. My mapping quality has started going down hill, and I kept changing the story. It got incredibly too chaotic, hard to do for one man but I still achieved chaos, and so I decided to start on a whole new project.

Intro1 Intro2 Intro3 Intro4

I’ve been in the pre-planning stages for about a month now, and I’m still not far enough to put forth my time into developing the game, but I am working on the basics of the system now. I’m finding neat scripts to put into this game to provide more depth than I could with APAAK. I would spoil too much, but I’m trying to achieve a crafting centered RPG. Instead of the Traits system in APAAK, which I think fell short of what I was trying to achive, this crafting system should be easier to create and maintain. Also, I’ve been creatively working on my characters to add an increased depth. I’ve been kind of stealing the Anime cliche of having an episode solely devoted to a character approach to flesh out all of my characters while not overloading the player with endless information about the characters. The above screenshot is just a test, it’s most definitely not going to be in the final product, but it’s my ideal look for how the characters will be speaking and interacting with the world. I started making this change in APAAK, but I had to go through and change everything in it, which got tedious, and my time ran out before I could make all of the changes I wanted to make. Now I’ll continue updating this post as I progress through the Pre-planning stage of this game. Once I start getting enough gameplay in, I’ll post the topic in RPG Maker Web Forums maybe.

I’ve lost my magic touch…

So I’ve been in a hiatus for a while due to life being incredibly busy, and now that life is cooling down a bit I’m trying to get back into RMing… And I’ve realized I’ve lost my magic mapping touch! It’s just gone! Everything I make just seems incredibly awkward to me, and I scrap all my work because they don’t quite live up to my high standards… What will I do?

Days spent in the search for these


and then I find them instantly at school…. sigh

Remaking Maps and editing some pages on my blog

I’ve been really busy with life lately, but I’ve been slowly reworking the maps of APAAK, trying to get them just right. Since I have no real creative drive right now, reworking pre-made maps is just what I can do right now. I still need to create two whole new themed areas and at least two dungeons before I can call my game finished… (Not to mention my traits that I need to flesh out…) I also need to add more indepth plot into my game, with better characters. I’m currently (as I’m writing this) editing the character bios page to include more indepth information about my characters and I will later update the plot of the game, as well as the main forum topic and the main page of the game here on this blog. Hopefully I can revive my creative drive by doing this kind of stuff. Who knows. Well here’s a screenshot of the WIP re-worked main town! I need to give it a name… Hmmm….

Reworked Village

APaaK Demo 1.3 errors, and 1.3.1

I accidentally uploaded the wrong version of APaaK which causes unnecessary problems… So I’ve corrected my mistake, and even ran through my game once again, fixing some minor things. No real major fixes and there are still some odd things that I have left to fix, but for now, I’m content. YES I KNOW CLOUD CAN FLOAT! IGNORE IT! I’LL FIX IT LATER ONCE I RE-DO THE WHOLE CASTLE ENTRANCE THING!

I’ve edited my post with the download links to include 1.3.1, since 1.3 is dysfunctional, the files have been removed from dropbox. Please, if you have downloaded 1.3, delete it and download 1.3.1.