My bad habit of restarting everything

I feel like I’m the only one who has a problem like this…

I restart every project I’ve ever started every single time.

I tend to start strong, when I create my RPGs, I write a basic plot, create some characters, even start working on the first stage of the design process… But then I get an idea. An idea that cannot squeeze into my current project, but I love the idea more than the current project, so I scrap what I’ve done, and go after this new idea. I’ve been doing this for years, ever since I obtained my first RPG Maker(Which was RPG Maker 3 for the PS2) and that continued on and on, even still it’s happening. Hence why I’ve created this blog, but I have yet to overcome this habit.

Sure I can see improvement, I’ve gotten WAY better since my early days working with XP, and even VX, my mapping has evolved into something I’m greatly proud of(When I put in enough effort) and my strange passion for working with the database has gotten ever stronger… But I’ve never gotten from beginning to end in any project! Arrggh It makes me so mad… I’ve never had any practice making a complete story from beginning to end yet, (I did get close though, I got up to the final boss, and everything, then… I saw my whole game was crappy and gave up on it) and I just have to finish a game…

So just recently I looked at my intro, and saw that I couldn’t get all that into it, and it didn’t draw me in, so I thought… How could I make the player understand why these characters are doing what their doing? A cheesy hooded man barking orders doesn’t make anysense… Well enough spoilers, but that’s kinda how I think, and I decided to scrap the whole intro, and add a completely knew character, a slightly insecure thief, to fill in the gap that I mistakenly created. The gap was the lack of communication from the characters to the player describing what to do and why these characters are doing it. SO I SCRAPPED PART OF MY CURRENT PROJECT! AHHHHHHHHHHH Well one could say that’s great, I improved the game, but I say… WHY AGAIN!?… I’m sticking with the new idea and the like, I even created a 2 sentence plot summary as well, to go along with this change.

So why am I constantly replacing parts of my current project, and am I actually doing a good thing? This is surely slowing down my game progress, but I need to figure all of this out…

Until next time!

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