Tutorial #1: Using those pesky RTP Water Auto-Tiles

If you’ve ever used RPG Maker VX Ace, or it’s tile sets, you’ve come to either love or hate the water auto-tiles… I personally dislike them because they become really confusing pretty quickly and then become an eyesore. However if you use a mix of all the auto-tiles, along with some regular tiles(to hide the deformities) you can create pretty good looking scenery in your RPG. Here’s how I did it:

I used the deep water looking tiles mostly, however I did use the shallow cliffy water at near the top to make it less monotone. While keeping that whole theme going, I came across a problem when There was only one tile high, leading to two tiles high, the deep water became ugly and an eye sore, so I used a single tile tree to cover that up. Looks good right? Also by putting the auto-tile water grass tiles near the one tile high areas, It hid the ugliness while also adding something new. And if you notice the lily pads, some of them are the auto-tile lilies, which I would recommend using in small amounts, (They become too repetitive and ugly) but also use the single tile lilies as well, to add some more variety to your maps.

That’s all really, I’ll probably be adding more in-depth tutorials later, with actual step-by-step instructions. Maybe even do some Database tutorials, since I’ve noticed a sheer lack of those, and the ones around… are kinda too general and vague. And simple.

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