Progress Log #1

So I’ve decided to log my progress every few days, maybe once a week, and summarize my progress in a log. So here’s my current project as of today. I’ll do one probably every monday of every week.

What I have so far is a job/class system going on with instead of sub-classes, or mixing both classes together, it’s more of a passive skill called Traits, where it levels up with you, while increasing your stats, giving you new spells, or even allowing you to equip stronger weapons. You can only have one trait equipped at a time, but when you “master” a trait, or just get it to reach a certain level you can unlock other traits, with better benefits, or even unlock a completely new class. You can also learn skills by gaining JP or Job Points, and spend them on any skill you desire, so if you must, you can grind. But spells have a level requirement, and sometimes a previous skill requirement as well, so you can’t learn your super-ultimate-KO-poison skill at first. You’ll have to spend some time in that class to do so.

Until next time!

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