Progress Log #2

So I’ve made some really slow progress on A Pawn and A Knight lately, but I’ve figured out the basic plot, and all of the plot twists, and I’ve created the basic structure for the game itself. Expect a demo in the coming weeks, because I have a working intro, with sidequests and the like. Well, without further adoo, here are some more up-to-date screenshots of the project itself!


Here’s the “Intro” so far. It need a bit more graphical effects, and a better map, but I’ve got the characters all there.



Here I’ve made use of MOG’s Weather effects, along with his Event Text Scripts. They look AMAZING together. The ! make accepting quests that much easier, so that the player KNOWS that the NPC has something useful to say, other than just random shiz.


The final class system. Where you choose your traits based on your play style. Some traits add stat bonuses that grow along side your character, others allow you to equip a multitude of weaponry. You gain more traits by leveling up, OR through doing quests, such as helping an herbalist gather herbs will grant you a pharmacologist trait(Doubling the effects of Items).









An example of one of the, soon to be, many quests located in the central village. Every game needs cats right!? They even meow!









The new an improved battle scene. There are STILL problems with it, but that’ll take a load of time scanning both Yanfly’s scripts, along with Saba Kan’s scripts. I need that perfect balance of both…


So that’s all there is to it! I’m hoping I can get a good demo out there during winter break, then I’ll actually put this game on the RPG Maker Web Forums. I’m still hesitant to do that…

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