RPG Making is fun again

I remember a time when I was in 8th grade, and I just got a copy of RPG Maker XP. Those first few moments were so much fun, I basically spent all my time making games. As I grew older, times have changed, and RPG Making became more of a past-time and less of a game, and over-all less fun. Sure I loved doing it, but It just wasn’t satisfying enough…




Now it’s fun again! Thanks to my amazing brother, for helping me develop my plot further and brain-storm side-quest ideas(Which is actually a lot of fun.), and for numerous resources I’ve been lucky enough to be able to use, along with my amazing title screen and logo for my current project, A Pawn and a Knight. It’s fun again! Woo! Yay! I dunno, before, rpg making just became more of an excuse to not do my homework, but now it’s like part of me. I dunno. It’s 1AM and I’m tired, but I wanted to rant, and so I have.

My grammar probably sucks right now... Ahh early morning rants... always the best.
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