Cutscenes, and my genius

So after some critique of my demo, I’ve decided to get a little nifty with my introduction segment and cutscenes.

So my current intro lacks character introductions and lore, while the game play segment is a tad tedious. So I’ve come up with this nifty idea. I will provide flashbacks, introducing characters, providing background, and telling of lore, after each little “task” that the player completes. It’ll make the whole scavenger hunt kind of thing a LOT more interesting, I believe it’ll provide some motivation for the player to complete these simple tasks. So there will be about 5~8 flashbacks during this intro. Of course the main flashback will be chopped up into parts, to make the player WANT to finish the tasks since they’ll get a new piece of the flashback puzzle.

So I’m hoping this idea works out, if it will, I hope it’ll add a nice flavor to my game, along with creating the deeper story.

So some ideas for the flashbacks:

  1. A scene where the Cirrus, Cloud, and Lennt are walking up to a large castle in the rain. This is where Lennt joins the Empire and starts his road to knighthood. Both Cirrus and Cloud don’t like this, and try to stop him, but Lennt tells them that he’s doing this to protect the village and his friends. This scene will be split up into many parts because it introduces a character that is rather important to the whole ploy, however isn’t truly introduced until later in the game. I feel a dark and rainy scene like this will foreshadow the events that will take place later between Cirrus and Lennt. The Pawn and the Knight.
    Some little tid-bit of lore: The Imperial Knights go through years of isolation and training before they can be given the Crest of Honor. The isolation is for meditation. The knights-in-training need to be calm and collected at all times. They need to think quickly and efficiently to overcome any problem.
    For Lennt, his training was rather quick. He’s supposedly a prodigal knight, and rather respected among his peers.
  2. A scene that shows Lennt and Cirrus as little boys playing in a field. Creating that childhood friendship feeling.
  3. And then a scene that shows Illiana’s rise to power. She needs a noble entrance, but a mysterious one. She’s probably the most interesting character in the whole story, but it just doesn’t really show in the introduction that I have so far… Man I practically love her, but creating dialogue for her is pretty darn difficult. She’s got the right amount of character, and she’s basically the whole cliche-proofing part of this whole game. Without her, my game is a HUGE cliche…

Those are just some cutscene ideas I have right now. Its really nice having this blog to put them out here. I’m so tired of using NotePad or Word… This makes planning things so much cooler and more fun.

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