Progress Log #4

So I’ve been making progress

But not as much as I’d like….

I’ve spent some time spicing up my intro, taking all the feedback I have received and then I’ll be turning that into the next demo. Hopefully the demo v1.1 will have fixed most of the bugs that have been pointed out to me. Also the demo v1.1 will have the new intro. It won’t be final, I’m saving that for demo v2.0, but it’ll have enough spice in it, to get some characters introduced, and establish some setting and lore.

For the most part however, I’ve spent most of my weekend making maps. Wonderful maps, if I do say so myself. But these will probably not be included until VERY late in my demo process. I really need more people to vote in my poll over at RPG Maker Web that poll will really help me out. I need to see what you guys like the best when it comes to areas and locations! So far you guys like the snowy mountain area type, but I need more votes! 5 just isn’t enough! Which ever area’s in the lead will be used for the final level, essentially. It’ll become the largest, and most important area to the story. (which so far, the snowy mountains fit my idea for the final area.

Here are some of my current progress on maps: (That are not spoilers.) (Using Indrah’s lovely edits.)

-So these two maps are connected. you enter the forest, walk around, enter a cave, then back out into the forest, and back into the cave. It’s going to be like that. I have yet to decide if this just leads you to a town, or this is the dungeon itself…

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