Progress Log #5 Demo v1.1 complete!


I just recently finished the upgrading the first demo just a while ago. I’ve made a lot of changes, the first noticeable change are the battles. I’ve finally figured out how to work Saba Kan’s battle system, and now the battles are MUCH more fun. I’ve also updated the Intro as well. Making the introduction a little more “smart”. You’ll see what I mean when you try it out. I’ve also upgraded the Traits system, making the traits grow along with you. So your first trait will not become obsolete stat-wise later in the game. I’ve also extended the gameplay of the demo. Keep in mind, there will probably be some bugs, or errors, after the fight with the crystal, because I haven’t really tested beyond that point very much. (I will get on that tomorrow.)

So the file you’ve all been waiting for:


Demo v1.1(RTP Included) (302MB)Demo v1.1(No RTP) (115MB)

I don’t really have much to show yet, screenshot wise, so expect a thorough progress log with loads of new screenshots!


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