Multiparts! Yay!

So I’ve decided I will be splitting up my game into multiple parts.

Why? You ask? Because having multiple parts means I can release part of my game, and call it a finished game. Receive feedback from that game, and then make the second part. Kind of like a sequel, but not exactly.  I expect only 2 different parts of my game. However these parts will have different paths inside of them. Depending on which path you take, you’ll end up with a different story. Hopefully I’ll have 4 different endings to this game. So expect a lengthy game with each part taking about 5 hours or so to complete. So about 10 hours for just one path, 30~40 hours to complete all stories. Talk about replay value!

Also, having my game split into two different parts means that after I finish Part 1 I can take a bit of a break, and bask in the light of finishing a game. It’ll also allow me to take notes on all of the feedback I get from finishing a game and put all of my effort into making Part 2 a better game. While I make Part 2, I’ll be using Part 1 as a base, making it so that I don’t have to: recreate the database, recreate the maps I have made before, pretty much so I don’t have to start over. Also having Part 1 as a base, it’ll allow the use to import his/her previous save into Part 2. (Hence why growing off of Part 1 is necessary. The player might still be using ancient equipment and bug out. Equipment I might have deemed unnecessary for so far in the game. Just an example.)

I've also updated the picture gallery in the main page of A Pawn and A Knight. It should have newer pictures based on the Demo 1.1, and removed the out-dated pictures as well.
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