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Progress Log #7.5

So I haven’t made any progress due to a rather annoying school project, but I created this map earlier, and thus shall be my screenshot of the week! It’s for the 2nd city in the game, it’s the port part of it. I bring you Newtown Port!







A Side Project!

I’ve been getting a lot more distracted lately, and I haven’t been able to focus on A Pawn and a Knight recently… So I’ve decided to make a quick little side project that might just bring my love for RPG Maker back into me! It’s about 3 friends that get trapped in an RPG world, and one of their friends get kidnapped, thus the saving the princess cliche! So yeah, that’s it. Super simple. It’s using the base of A Pawn and a Knight, but very cleaned out.. It’s incredibly simple. which I think will actually get me back into my main project! Well, I’ll be sure to to post an update on my progress with that soon. I may be finished with it in just one day!

Progress Log #7

I’ve been messing around with fonts, effects, and the like. I’ve also been upgrading the Database. As well as trying to figure out this whole Traits System thing, because it’s not working like I wanted it to…. I’ve also realized I’m terrible at dialogue, so I may be reaching out to somebody in the future and ask them to help with that….

Oh and sorry this is a day late…

Well here’s a little screenshot, It’s awesome right? No? Yes?


Progress Log #6

I enjoy my recent lack of motivation…


So I’ve been making really slow progress on my RPG lately. I haven’t really added anything major, just fixed more of the battle system, and completed the Dark Forest level. I also did more behind-the-scenes work on the game. I’ve created a complete story board, depicting the multiple paths the player can take. I’ve also created a new class, a Werewolf. It’s still in the works, but It’s going to be pretty darn awesome once I get it completed. The idea behind the Werewolf class is that the character can transform into a different elemental werewolf that lasts for roughly 5 turns. Giving the character different stat bonuses and skills. But this Werewolf is a completely optional character, if you take the more difficult route. (Which as of this post is no where near finished.) By taking that route, you lose out on another character, a healer. So It’s really up to you which character you would prefer.
So I don’t really have much to show… I’ve also added new light effects to the first town. It makes the town look a lot brighter! But Wait for the next Demo to see it! It’s a surprise!

I feel like doing a Daily Log. Maybe having a Weekly Log, but that log covers everyday within that week. Hmmmm…. Having these infrequent Progress Logs aren’t really doing my project justice….

What keeps me motivated.

3 times faster than the regular cat!

Catsval Rem Deikun


Cat Aznable! And his Red Basket II. It’s 3 times faster than the regular Basket! Oh no!

The incredibly ghetto music stand

Well… I, being a currently broke teenager, have many problems… First one is: I lack a suitable music stand for my electric keyboard. Now this normally isn’t a problem, but the problem has arisen quite frequently, and it bothers me. Here, lemme show you how ghetto this music stand really is. Painters tape and cardboard. Yeah.