Progress Log #6

I enjoy my recent lack of motivation…


So I’ve been making really slow progress on my RPG lately. I haven’t really added anything major, just fixed more of the battle system, and completed the Dark Forest level. I also did more behind-the-scenes work on the game. I’ve created a complete story board, depicting the multiple paths the player can take. I’ve also created a new class, a Werewolf. It’s still in the works, but It’s going to be pretty darn awesome once I get it completed. The idea behind the Werewolf class is that the character can transform into a different elemental werewolf that lasts for roughly 5 turns. Giving the character different stat bonuses and skills. But this Werewolf is a completely optional character, if you take the more difficult route. (Which as of this post is no where near finished.) By taking that route, you lose out on another character, a healer. So It’s really up to you which character you would prefer.
So I don’t really have much to show… I’ve also added new light effects to the first town. It makes the town look a lot brighter! But Wait for the next Demo to see it! It’s a surprise!

I feel like doing a Daily Log. Maybe having a Weekly Log, but that log covers everyday within that week. Hmmmm…. Having these infrequent Progress Logs aren’t really doing my project justice….

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