Progress Log #8 Surprise Demo is a surprise

So I was just recently notified of a bug pertaining to the previous demo (v1.1) and after playing through it again, I realized it’s game breaking, and inhibited progress through the game. So I decided that the best way to fix the bug, was not only to just fix it, but to also include the newer progress I have made after creating that ancient demo.

Now Demo v1.2 is the updated demo that includes:

  • The new Intro
    (Still not the final, complete, version of the intro. It needs plenty of work, but what I have there is the rough main idea of it.)
  • New visual effects and visual styles
  • Updated battle system and more balanced battles
  • Updated database
    (This includes new items, a few new monsters, new traits(not accessible yet), new skills, and new characters(not accessible yet).
  • As well as numerous bug fixes

I plan for the Demo v2.0 to include finalized dialogue and a finalized introduction. Hopefully by then the first third of the game will be final, and I would have no need to go back and change it. That’s my goal for the v2.0. HOWEVER this doesn’t mean I’ll just jump from 1.2 to 2.0. No no no, I’ll have the usual 1.3 and 1.4 shenanigans of course! But expect v2.0 to be released somewhere around JUNE of 2013. I’m setting that date now so that I’ll be motivated enough to work up to that point. Now, that’s not to say I won’t finish it sooner. If I finalize what I said I would before then, well I’ll just be lucky then! So please, check out the Forum Topic that has the demo download (RTP is NOT included)

Here’s the link: TOPIC

Be sure to leave your comments about the game itself down below in the comments section, OR in the forum topic itself! I appreciate all of the feedback I can get!

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