A new project!

So I’ve been working on a couple new projects lately. Since A Pawn and a Knight has now gotten to the phase of “I have everything done, but I just need mapping… and I’m uninspired at the moment.” and so, as I wait to be inspired to create new maps for APaaK, I’m going to be working on a new project, a short and sweet project. I’ve done some research into successful RM games, and realized that the smaller the game, the more likely one would finish the game. Hence APaaK isn’t finished yet… It’s a pretty large game. So I’m making this new game take place in only a single night. So that’s AT MOST 12 hours of gameplay. But… Time doesn’t always work that way, so I aim for maybe 2 hours? I’m also placing this new game in the world of Arum. Well I don’t really have anything screenshot worthy, but I will soon! Come back in a week and I’ll have some juicy screenshots. I’ve also updated some pages to include this new project! Look into those for more details. I’m too effin’ sleepy to type all of the details out right now… It’s too early to be tired.

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