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I think I’m getting back into the gist of things again… Maybe

So after a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG hiatus, I think I’m getting back into my game again. Just maybe. The thing that scares me away every time is the thought of making EVEN MORE maps. Maps take AGES for me to create, and my OCD goes WILD creating them, which is why I think I get scared of making them… That’s probably why… Welp, I think I’m back again. But I need new music for my game, the old music has gotten stale… Nothing against Gyro’s amazing tunes and the RTP’s funky grooves, but I’ve just been listening to them constantly. Welp, here’s a little screenshot that I took, marking my game at it’s 3/4s of the way done stage! I just need to fill in the maps inbetween. Which will take forever, but it can be done.


This is the snowy town, which is the last town you visit in Part One. It has all of the necessities a town needs, so don’t worry, it’s a wonderful replacement of the previous towns. BUT it has extreme imperial involvement, which shows the “evil” side of the empire more. The soldiers are cruel and corrupt. They abuse you, and one even steals some of your gold! Watch out! The town used to be a peaceful little village, until the Empire got involved with the crystals, then they walled off the village and tormented it’s residents. You encounter numerous new characters though, so it’ll leave a perfect cliff-hanger leading into Part Two. Which will probably take forever to make after I finish this game up… Welp that’s all I got.


I’m easily distracted.

I’ve been incredibly distracted this past week with two amazing games. Ni No Kuni and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Both are amazing games, so I’ve been away from working on my game as of lately. So yeah…. There’s nothing really to say.


This has turned into my bug screenshot post. I don’t know what to say about it. Enjoy pics of bugs!


The incredibly ghetto music stand

Well… I, being a currently broke teenager, have many problems… First one is: I lack a suitable music stand for my electric keyboard. Now this normally isn’t a problem, but the problem has arisen quite frequently, and it bothers me. Here, lemme show you how ghetto this music stand really is. Painters tape and cardboard. Yeah.


Seasons Greetings!

Nothing major going on RPG wise, HOWEVER I just got a dual monitor set up, so I’ll be super productive I hope. But I digress..

Happy Holidays!

The top one’s for pxlgraphic, just sayin’. I didn’t make it, nope. not my handi-work. Doesn’t at all resemble my style. Nope. Not mine.


Seasons Greetings!




RPG Making is fun again

I remember a time when I was in 8th grade, and I just got a copy of RPG Maker XP. Those first few moments were so much fun, I basically spent all my time making games. As I grew older, times have changed, and RPG Making became more of a past-time and less of a game, and over-all less fun. Sure I loved doing it, but It just wasn’t satisfying enough…




Now it’s fun again! Thanks to my amazing brother, for helping me develop my plot further and brain-storm side-quest ideas(Which is actually a lot of fun.), and for numerous resources I’ve been lucky enough to be able to use, along with my amazing title screen and logo for my current project, A Pawn and a Knight. It’s fun again! Woo! Yay! I dunno, before, rpg making just became more of an excuse to not do my homework, but now it’s like part of me. I dunno. It’s 1AM and I’m tired, but I wanted to rant, and so I have.

My grammar probably sucks right now... Ahh early morning rants... always the best.

My bad habit of restarting everything

I feel like I’m the only one who has a problem like this…

I restart every project I’ve ever started every single time.

I tend to start strong, when I create my RPGs, I write a basic plot, create some characters, even start working on the first stage of the design process… But then I get an idea. An idea that cannot squeeze into my current project, but I love the idea more than the current project, so I scrap what I’ve done, and go after this new idea. I’ve been doing this for years, ever since I obtained my first RPG Maker(Which was RPG Maker 3 for the PS2) and that continued on and on, even still it’s happening. Hence why I’ve created this blog, but I have yet to overcome this habit.

Sure I can see improvement, I’ve gotten WAY better since my early days working with XP, and even VX, my mapping has evolved into something I’m greatly proud of(When I put in enough effort) and my strange passion for working with the database has gotten ever stronger… But I’ve never gotten from beginning to end in any project! Arrggh It makes me so mad… I’ve never had any practice making a complete story from beginning to end yet, (I did get close though, I got up to the final boss, and everything, then… I saw my whole game was crappy and gave up on it) and I just have to finish a game…

So just recently I looked at my intro, and saw that I couldn’t get all that into it, and it didn’t draw me in, so I thought… How could I make the player understand why these characters are doing what their doing? A cheesy hooded man barking orders doesn’t make anysense… Well enough spoilers, but that’s kinda how I think, and I decided to scrap the whole intro, and add a completely knew character, a slightly insecure thief, to fill in the gap that I mistakenly created. The gap was the lack of communication from the characters to the player describing what to do and why these characters are doing it. SO I SCRAPPED PART OF MY CURRENT PROJECT! AHHHHHHHHHHH Well one could say that’s great, I improved the game, but I say… WHY AGAIN!?… I’m sticking with the new idea and the like, I even created a 2 sentence plot summary as well, to go along with this change.

So why am I constantly replacing parts of my current project, and am I actually doing a good thing? This is surely slowing down my game progress, but I need to figure all of this out…

Until next time!