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Lovin’ the Richmond area and VCU

This is an awesome post, just sayin’.


I’mma add more stuff here when I get the chance to.


I’ve lost my magic touch…

So I’ve been in a hiatus for a while due to life being incredibly busy, and now that life is cooling down a bit I’m trying to get back into RMing… And I’ve realized I’ve lost my magic mapping touch! It’s just gone! Everything I make just seems incredibly awkward to me, and I scrap all my work because they don’t quite live up to my high standards… What will I do?

Days spent in the search for these

and then I find them instantly at school…. sigh

A Side Project!

I’ve been getting a lot more distracted lately, and I haven’t been able to focus on A Pawn and a Knight recently… So I’ve decided to make a quick little side project that might just bring my love for RPG Maker back into me! It’s about 3 friends that get trapped in an RPG world, and one of their friends get kidnapped, thus the saving the princess cliche! So yeah, that’s it. Super simple. It’s using the base of A Pawn and a Knight, but very cleaned out.. It’s incredibly simple. which I think will actually get me back into my main project! Well, I’ll be sure to to post an update on my progress with that soon. I may be finished with it in just one day!

Well, let’s hope this get’s me more motivated…

I’ve decided that in order for me to ACTUALLY FINISH AN RPG I’ll have to be more motivated, and adamant on working on my project. I believe just blogging about it would hopefully help, and also, you know, use this blog for other, RPG related thingamajigs.

I’m currently working on a RPG Maker VX Ace project, that I started…. 2 weeks ago(?) that I’ve been widdling away at it every now and then, and I believe it’s coming along great, but I’ve just been too distracted lately, (With the purchase of Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition on Steam for $15…) and I haven’t been working on it as diligently as I’d hoped when I first started this project…

So that’s that I guess.