Character Bios



Age: 19
Height: 5′ 7″
Birthday: December 16th

A naive boy from a small village just a ways north of the Imperial Palace. He’s got a good heart and a good sense of justice.


  • Bunnies
  • Sharp and pointy objects
  • The Moon
  • Being around short people


  • Wolves
  • Soldiers
  • The cold and snow
  • Being around tall people



Age: 21
Height: 6’2″
Birthday: January 28th

He’s a childhood friend of Cirrus, he left the village to make a living by becoming a knight for the Empire. He has a strong sense of loyalty, like a dog. He is the cliche knight, and yet he still cares for Cirrus, and will fight for what is right. A very Ironic character. His sister died at a very young age from being mauled by a monster


  • Dogs
  • Honor
  • Colorful Cloaks


  • Idiots
  • Monsters
  • Children
  • Loud noises



Age: 19(Assumed)
Height: 5’8″
Birthday: ???

A sort-of quiet girl, a childhood friend of Cirrus. She always tries to be a good supportive friend to Cirrus. She was found as a baby floating downstream on a log. No one knows where she exactly came from, but she grew up with Cirrus and Lennt


  • Animals
  • Punching things
  • The rain
  • Falling leaves


  • Fighting
  • Slimes
  • Dirt

<—Will Be Updated At A Later Date—>

StratosBioVelBioStratos and Vel

These two professional mercenaries always seem to have bad luck. Stratos is the big brother figure, he always calls Cirrus buddy, and jokes around, while Vel is more serious. Vel’s smart and very knowledgeable, she has many secrets to hide.


She’s called the Black Maiden by the villagers. No one knows her age, or where she’s from, but she appeared in the village 10 years ago, and later was elected Mayor, after she proved herself. She seems to be hiding something.


She’s a cleric, and you’ll need one. That’s really all I can say right now, oh and she’s a girl.


He’s a shadowy character. A friend of Vel’s. His knowledge of the crystals poses many questions.


A man in that was put into an awful situation by the Empire. He hates the empire with a burning passion, he assists you because you’re fighting the Empire.


He… Is a bad guy. I think. Possibly. That’s for you to figure out!

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