A large array of traits, some unique, while others not

Each class is predefined per character, HOWEVER each class can equip one trait, which provides either stat bonuses, skills, equipment, or even will make you UBER. Each class gains new traits as they level up, some are even gained through doing favors for townfolk or after certain major events! Each class however has 2 default basic traits, providing the player with two different gameplay paths to choose from. Want your warrior to be a magical tank? So be it. Want your mage to pound the heck outta monsters? There’s an app *ehem* trait for that! Tired of having a cleric? Replace her with a healing fighter! Some traits may seem like a waste to you, but for others… it can complete their strategy and provide more fun to their experience! It uses Yanfly’s class system, but gives it a different flavor! It’s still not perfect yet, and needs a lot more that just fine tuning, but once it’s good, IT’S GOOD!

Two separate stories based on your choices

Depending on your allegiance, the story shall play out in two different ways! Go Green or go home! This will potentially extent the development time of this game by a few decades… but I swear, it’ll be worth it! One yes or no question will change your life!

A front-view turn based battle system

A combination of Jet’s viewed battle system with Saba Kan’s Ao no Kiseki Custom Battle System with a bit of Yanfly in there. It may eventually be replaced… I’m not actually that fond of Saba Kan’s custom battle system all that much, because it’s just so buggy… And it’s hard to edit. But I REALLY love it when games tell you who takes there action when. So you can be all like, Hey, this monster attacks before my healing lady gets a chance to heal. I should use a potion! It really helps, and makes rpgs that much more fun,

Rewarding exploration and curiosity

Every nook and cranny, along with hidden places behind buildings and behind pedestals lie treasures waiting to be found. They practically whisper scream “Find me! Find me!”

A large party that isn’t too large

The Goldilocks zone for parties! Using Yanfly’s party system, large parties shouldn’t be too hard to handle! There will also be secret characters to unlock and find! Haven’t found them all? REPLAY VALUE! BAM!

A skill learning system that’s incredibly hard to balance

Yeah, figuring out the JP costs for skills is a PAIN IN THE ARSE! Why’d I ever decide to do this system? Because learning skills by leveling up is boring…

A difficult RPG experience like you’ve probably experienced before

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, this isn’t really a feature, but I had to put it here. Bosses should be hard. They really should be. Balancing problems? Yeah, balancing is a b***h.

An annoying save system that will make you hate life YAY

I just wanted an excuse to have floating fireballs heal you. That’s really it. Also Inns need more reasons to be important!
But worry not! They’re conveniently placed so that you can save frequently! (I hope)

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