Plot Spoilers


This is to help me keep track of the story. It's a lot easier to just post it here. I'm lazy, I'm sorry.

After receiving orders to sneak into the palace, you end up destroying the empire’s crystal, leaving the empire in ruins, along with its surrounding nature. The environment has gone to shambles. dark clouds cover the sky, animals are fleeing, and the plants are dying. You have no idea why this is happening and so you rush to Illiana, asking numerous questions, and she responds with not a word. She then later orders you to destroy a second crystal, guarded by an outpost controlled by the empire. You have the choice to either traverse a deep dark forest, or risk getting captured on the Imperial Highway.

Imperial Highway Route:

You come across numerous monstrosities, you notice hundreds of strange experiments. The highway’s blocked off, and in order to not get caught, you sneak around. Leading you into a strange building. Inside you encounter numerous mutants and monsters. Inside a cell you come across a wounded man, he begs you to let him out. You find the key and let him out. A monstrous guard catches you. During this battle with a huge monstrous mutant, you find out that this man is not what he seems. He’s a werewolf. He’s thankful that you released him and joins you.

Dark Forest Route:

After you enter the forest, an elf girl stops you. She instantly insults you and threatens you to leave the forest. She is the protector of the forest, and lumberjacks have been destroying the forest. She believes you too are going to destroy the forest. You say you mean no harm, but she still doesn’t trust you. She forces you to take out the lumberjacks. After you defeat the lumber jacks, which turn out to be mutants, the elf girl joins you.

On your journey you encounter a noble knight, Lennt. Lennt grew up with you in your village, but later joined the empire’s military and quickly rose to knighthood. You and he catch up, quickly rebecoming friends, however you have this horrible feeling that he’s your enemy… Later after Lennt guides you to your destination, he leaves you and goes about his assigned mission. You reach the crystal, and destroy it again, but this time, you realize what you have done. The environment crumbles. Nature’s dying, and it’s because of you. Lennt runs up to you, explains what’s happening, he has yet to realize this ruin was your doing. He says that someone has destroyed the crystal, and the crystals maintain the balance of the world. Smog fills the air, as Lennt explains more. You and Lennt hear rumors of a black clad woman is doing this, both you and Lennt quickly figure it out. You rush back to the village and find it’s completely destroyed. Everyone’s dead, and all of the nature’s gone. Smog fills the village as Illiana appears, explaining her plan, and later decides to kill you. She summons a huge monster, but it is no match for you. After the battle you hear rumors that Illiana’s next target is the snowy city of Langqish. You quickly make it in time, however you fall for her trap. She captures Lennt, and brainwashes him into doing her bidding. Lennt doesn’t hesitate to destroy the city’s crystal. You find out that Illiana cannot destroy the crystals herself because she is not purely human, but part demon. You now decide it is your mission to protect the crystals, and you shall fight Lennt and Illiana and stop them from destroying the world.

After your party rests at an inn in the ruins of Langqish city, you meet this dark haired man. He claims he’s a friend of Vel, but Vel went out on a walk. The man says his name is Stephen, a spy working under Vel. Your party doesn’t believe him, but Vel shows up behind him, and says that it’s all true. Stephen joins your party! Vel explains to you that she too is a spy for the Western Republic of Altzaban. Stratos is a hired body guard for her. Vel and Stephen explain that they’re mission is to research these crystals, and potentially steal them, and return to the Republic of Altzaban with them in hand. Vel tells Stephen that if a crystal is destroyed, the neighboring environment is destroyed, leaving only a scared wasteland with dark clouds above. Stephen then tells you that another crystal isn’t located that far from Langqish, just a ways north into a snowy and forgotten temple.

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