Detailed Plot Notes and Ideas

Plot ideas and concepts:
Written in school while I’m bored as shit… I’m using my old iPhone, so this will just be a wall of boring text… I’ll keep on adding ideas here as I get then, and them later organize them into a better story structure.

East Empire

East Empire

West Empire

West Empire

East Empire Knight

East Empire

West Empire

East Empire


Years ago a war waged on between two empires over the powerful crystals.The war was called the Crystalline War

The hidden town you start in need to have soldiers walking around everywhere, or a reason as to why they are gone. Oh! There currently is a festival going on and all the soldiers are called to the festival and away from the palace. Which makes it easy for you to sneak into the back entrance with no problem! I’m a genius.

The crystals are holy objects created to maintain the balance of the world. They cannot be destroyed by demons or anything with demon blood.

Monsters are dumbed down demons, some monsters were artificially created by the East Empire to fight the West empire in the Crystalline War. This is why you encounter a lot of monsters in the east area. You learn of this through the Imperial highway route after encountering and saving the Werewolf.

When Cirrus and the gang come back from destroying the first crystal, when the area starts dying they meet with Illiana. Cirrus asks her what is going on, and she responds with saying that they will find the answer when they travel south to the souther port town and detroy that crystal. Stratos demands am answer but Illiana responds with a speech about how the crystals are providing power to the empire and how the empire must fall.She also says that the empire’s soldiers are returning from their festival, since the nature was kinda destroyed… She says you must quickly leave before you get caught by the imperial soldiers.

After the defeat in Langquish, the group heads to the frozen temple up north. They encounter Illiana, Lennt(brainwashed), and the newest villain behind it all: Aphelion. Aphelion is part demon as well and summons a giant monster to fight you while Lennt tries to destroy the crystal. After defeating the monster you stop Lennt, and Illiana and Aphelion teleport away, leaving just you and Lennt. Lennt goes berserk and fights you. The final boss of Part 1. After defeating Lennt, You believe he’s dead and leave the crumbling temple.

The group heads back to the Inn at Langquish and plan their next move. Stephen notes that there’s a single crystal located at Altzaban Castle and that just might be the next target.
Part 1 Ends

Part 2 Begins:
The group meets with the head guardsman in Altzaban City. The guardsman allows the group into tr castle and down through a secret path. The guardsman leads you into a deep dark tunnel. He says it’s deep underground. You get to know the guardsman pretty well, establishing some trust. After a few ingame hours of traveling through this deep abyss, the guardsman says to you, “I’m sorry, but I was just doing my duty.” and releases two giant beasts and leaves. He collapses the exit behind him, leaving you trapped.

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