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My new project, and my previous one

So ummm… About my previous project…

Well as you can see, I came out of my hiatus due to the final few weeks of the Crew season, and now that Stotesbury is over, I finally have my free time back. However, as you might have also noticed, I haven’t been updating A Pawn and a Knight at all, why? Because I trapped myself in this strange stage of learning and developing at the same time. I realized I hadn’t done enough pre-planning for APAAK as I should have and so I started doing planning as I was developing it, writing down my ideas and such. But the biggest problem came forth from that. I lost interest in actually working on my game. My mapping quality has started going down hill, and I kept changing the story. It got incredibly too chaotic, hard to do for one man but I still achieved chaos, and so I decided to start on a whole new project.

Intro1 Intro2 Intro3 Intro4

I’ve been in the pre-planning stages for about a month now, and I’m still not far enough to put forth my time into developing the game, but I am working on the basics of the system now. I’m finding neat scripts to put into this game to provide more depth than I could with APAAK. I would spoil too much, but I’m trying to achieve a crafting centered RPG. Instead of the Traits system in APAAK, which I think fell short of what I was trying to achive, this crafting system should be easier to create and maintain. Also, I’ve been creatively working on my characters to add an increased depth. I’ve been kind of stealing the Anime cliche of having an episode solely devoted to a character approach to flesh out all of my characters while not overloading the player with endless information about the characters. The above screenshot is just a test, it’s most definitely not going to be in the final product, but it’s my ideal look for how the characters will be speaking and interacting with the world. I started making this change in APAAK, but I had to go through and change everything in it, which got tedious, and my time ran out before I could make all of the changes I wanted to make. Now I’ll continue updating this post as I progress through the Pre-planning stage of this game. Once I start getting enough gameplay in, I’ll post the topic in RPG Maker Web Forums maybe.


Remaking Maps and editing some pages on my blog

I’ve been really busy with life lately, but I’ve been slowly reworking the maps of APAAK, trying to get them just right. Since I have no real creative drive right now, reworking pre-made maps is just what I can do right now. I still need to create two whole new themed areas and at least two dungeons before I can call my game finished… (Not to mention my traits that I need to flesh out…) I also need to add more indepth plot into my game, with better characters. I’m currently (as I’m writing this) editing the character bios page to include more indepth information about my characters and I will later update the plot of the game, as well as the main forum topic and the main page of the game here on this blog. Hopefully I can revive my creative drive by doing this kind of stuff. Who knows. Well here’s a screenshot of the WIP re-worked main town! I need to give it a name… Hmmm….

Reworked Village

APaaK Demo 1.3 errors, and 1.3.1

I accidentally uploaded the wrong version of APaaK which causes unnecessary problems… So I’ve corrected my mistake, and even ran through my game once again, fixing some minor things. No real major fixes and there are still some odd things that I have left to fix, but for now, I’m content. YES I KNOW CLOUD CAN FLOAT! IGNORE IT! I’LL FIX IT LATER ONCE I RE-DO THE WHOLE CASTLE ENTRANCE THING!

I’ve edited my post with the download links to include 1.3.1, since 1.3 is dysfunctional, the files have been removed from dropbox. Please, if you have downloaded 1.3, delete it and download 1.3.1.

A Pawn and a Knight Demo version 1.3

The Newest release of A Pawn and a Knight v1.3 is out NOW!

I’ve made the following changes to the whole demo. Most are minor little things, but some are game changing. Check out the changes down below

  • Lowered the encounter rate in most places.
  • Changed the windowskin.
  • Changed the message system to Yami’s message system
  • Added newer music from the RMN Music Pack. (Possibly a permanent change. Depends on your feedbacks.)
  • Updated the Credits.
  • Added a few extra scenes here and there. Nothing really major.
  • Shortened the demo slightly to end after you destroy your first crystal. (The 2nd Boss)
  • Changed the battle rewards to match the lower encounter rate. (Let me know if they’re now too generous. My hope is that the players still end up the same levels as before. Hopefully.)
  • And finally, the most important change is. I’ve rewritten to important scenes. First the prison scene has been re-written to match each characters personalities a little better. And the biggest change was I’ve changed the whole scene after you’ve destroyed your first crystal. Illiana no longer gives you a bulls**t response and actually goes into some details.

Also I’ll include the downloads of the demos here on this blog this time. The files are a lot smaller than the previous demos. Hopefully they’ll still function properly. I still need to shrink their size a lot more though. 180MBs is a big file for just a roughly 1 hour game.
Here are the two files. Both are 180MBs.

RTP means Run-Time Package. If you do not own RPG Maker VX Ace, then download the Demo that includes the RTP. 
If you DO own VXAce, then either file will work for you.

Demo Version 1.3.1 (RTP Included)

Demo Version 1.3.1 (RTP NOT Included)

Please leave your feedback in this Forum Topic on the RPG Maker Web forums!
I need all of the feedback I can get! Any ideas from you guys and galls will be greatly appreciated! This game cannot be as great as it possibly can be without your feedback!

The Controls!

I know that now that I’m sharing this on facebook, that most of you have NEVER played an RPG Maker game before. So here are the basic controls of the game.

ARROW KEYS - Move the cursor and the player.
ENTER/SPACE/Z - Selects an option. Moves through text. Initiates action.
0(Numpad)/ESC/X - Opens up the Menu. Closes the Menu. Backs out of an option.
SHIFT - Sprint.

A new project!

So I’ve been working on a couple new projects lately. Since A Pawn and a Knight has now gotten to the phase of “I have everything done, but I just need mapping… and I’m uninspired at the moment.” and so, as I wait to be inspired to create new maps for APaaK, I’m going to be working on a new project, a short and sweet project. I’ve done some research into successful RM games, and realized that the smaller the game, the more likely one would finish the game. Hence APaaK isn’t finished yet… It’s a pretty large game. So I’m making this new game take place in only a single night. So that’s AT MOST 12 hours of gameplay. But… Time doesn’t always work that way, so I aim for maybe 2 hours? I’m also placing this new game in the world of Arum. Well I don’t really have anything screenshot worthy, but I will soon! Come back in a week and I’ll have some juicy screenshots. I’ve also updated some pages to include this new project! Look into those for more details. I’m too effin’ sleepy to type all of the details out right now… It’s too early to be tired.

I think I’m getting back into the gist of things again… Maybe

So after a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG hiatus, I think I’m getting back into my game again. Just maybe. The thing that scares me away every time is the thought of making EVEN MORE maps. Maps take AGES for me to create, and my OCD goes WILD creating them, which is why I think I get scared of making them… That’s probably why… Welp, I think I’m back again. But I need new music for my game, the old music has gotten stale… Nothing against Gyro’s amazing tunes and the RTP’s funky grooves, but I’ve just been listening to them constantly. Welp, here’s a little screenshot that I took, marking my game at it’s 3/4s of the way done stage! I just need to fill in the maps inbetween. Which will take forever, but it can be done.


This is the snowy town, which is the last town you visit in Part One. It has all of the necessities a town needs, so don’t worry, it’s a wonderful replacement of the previous towns. BUT it has extreme imperial involvement, which shows the “evil” side of the empire more. The soldiers are cruel and corrupt. They abuse you, and one even steals some of your gold! Watch out! The town used to be a peaceful little village, until the Empire got involved with the crystals, then they walled off the village and tormented it’s residents. You encounter numerous new characters though, so it’ll leave a perfect cliff-hanger leading into Part Two. Which will probably take forever to make after I finish this game up… Welp that’s all I got.

Progress Log #8 Surprise Demo is a surprise

So I was just recently notified of a bug pertaining to the previous demo (v1.1) and after playing through it again, I realized it’s game breaking, and inhibited progress through the game. So I decided that the best way to fix the bug, was not only to just fix it, but to also include the newer progress I have made after creating that ancient demo.

Now Demo v1.2 is the updated demo that includes:

  • The new Intro
    (Still not the final, complete, version of the intro. It needs plenty of work, but what I have there is the rough main idea of it.)
  • New visual effects and visual styles
  • Updated battle system and more balanced battles
  • Updated database
    (This includes new items, a few new monsters, new traits(not accessible yet), new skills, and new characters(not accessible yet).
  • As well as numerous bug fixes

I plan for the Demo v2.0 to include finalized dialogue and a finalized introduction. Hopefully by then the first third of the game will be final, and I would have no need to go back and change it. That’s my goal for the v2.0. HOWEVER this doesn’t mean I’ll just jump from 1.2 to 2.0. No no no, I’ll have the usual 1.3 and 1.4 shenanigans of course! But expect v2.0 to be released somewhere around JUNE of 2013. I’m setting that date now so that I’ll be motivated enough to work up to that point. Now, that’s not to say I won’t finish it sooner. If I finalize what I said I would before then, well I’ll just be lucky then! So please, check out the Forum Topic that has the demo download (RTP is NOT included)

Here’s the link: TOPIC

Be sure to leave your comments about the game itself down below in the comments section, OR in the forum topic itself! I appreciate all of the feedback I can get!